Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is one type of psychotherapy in which a trained professional helps a single person work through personal issues they have been facing. It is an effective treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. Also known as talk therapy, it can help improve or control symptoms that influence an individual’s well-being. […]

Couples Counseling

The key to any long lasting, satisfying relationship is commitment, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable and take emotional risks. Couples typically disagree over things like money, sex, trust, friends, levels of commitment and life goals just to name a few. These are emotionally and psychologically loaded areas which bring into focus our deepest […]


What is hypnosis?  ​ When the word “hypnosis” is mentioned in everyday conversation, it seems to stir many varied reactions in people. These responses range frm disbelief to terror or even laughter. On the other hand, some people believe that hypnosis can work miracles. All these reactions stem from ideas and information that are untrue. […]